2017 Leaders & Missions Conference

The 2017 annual Leaders and Missions Conference for the Pilgrim Wesleyan Church was held in Choma from 24th – 29th April 2017. About 240 Leaders of the Pilgrim Wesleyan Church attended the conference and all 12 Districts of the Church were fully represented.

Mr Simulilika chaired the conference together with his team. Bishop Kalembo gave remarks on the first day of the conference. After reading scripture from Joshua 24: 15 – 24 Bishop Kalembo shared about Joshua’s commitment to serving the Lord. In the same way the theme for the Church for 2017 is Commitment to serving the Lord.

the second day of the conference was kick started by the ceremonial March Past. The March Past is a show of the various ministries of the Church and it’s Districts.

Mrs Hope Mofia Chiposo was the Guest of Honor at the conference. She was representing the District Commissioner for Choma. In her speech she congratulated the church for its continued growth and contribution in taking care of orphans, providing education and safe water for drinking through the sinking of boreholes.

Pastor Katete of Bread of Life International was the Guest Speaker at the conference. He taught on Spiritual Leadership. In his teaching, he emphasized that leadership is required in every walk of life including in the church. He said Spiritual Leadership is God- centered. Lastly he urged pastors to lead by example.

Former Bishop of the Pilgrim Wesleyan Church, Rev Sikwiilala taught on Church Governance. He encourage collective responsibility advising that we fail together and we succeed together.

Throughout the conference Doctor Simushi gave daily health talk. She instructed on the importance of staying hydrated. She also taught on weight and diet.

On the last day of the conference, representatives from all departments of the Pilgrim Wesleyan Church gave presentations of their annual work plans. These work plans consists of detailed and costed departmental objectives extracted from the 2017 – 2023 Strategic Plan.

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